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Introducing the brand new
Chef Val's Cooking Whole & Healthy
Video Channel

I have just launched a video streaming channel of instructional cooking videos through Vimeo.

Vimeo is similar to You Tube just more stylized.

There are over 50 unedited videos ready for you to watch right now.

Three new videos will be added each week.

The videos feature my original recipes, cooking tips, and nutritional videos.

Here is just a partial list of titles:

- All About Miso
- Kale Chips
- Different Types of Whole Grain Flours
- Tofu Cubes Snacks
- Quinoa Burdock Salad
- All About Umeboshi Plums
- Kale, Parsley and Dandelion Greens
- Breakfast Cooking Class - Buckwheat Pancakes, Pumpkin Syrup, Tofu      Scramble, Tempeh Bacon
- Great Sauce
- Best Sugar Substitutes
....And many more.

(regular price $7.99)

Sign up now and get the first 6 months for $5.99!
(through November 2021).

This gives you unlimited access to all the videos already there plus all the videos I add every month. You can watch them as many times as you like, whenever you like as long as your supscription is active. (See Vimeo site for all the ways you can watch the videos on your computer or using an app)

Go to Chef Val's Cooking Whole & Healthy Video Channel to see my introductory video and to sign up!


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