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Val's Thoughts on: Vaccines

One of my primary goals as a teacher of healthy cooking is the importance of putting healthy things into your body. You are in control of what goes in your mouth and in your body, always look for the purest form of food. I inform my students to stay away from chemicals and additives or unnatural things in their food. It is your choice and your right to choose what goes in your body and no other person, big business, chemical company or government has the right to force you to put harmful things into your body. I strongly believe this and that is why I went to Mary Tocco’s lecture on vaccines.

Anyone who knows me can attest that I do not get up early in the morning. I am a night person, going to bed on average at about 2 or 3 A.M. So getting up at 7 A.M. and driving an hour to get to Oakland University for the lecture took me out of my comfort zone. I must tell you that it was well worth it and I am so glad I went. If ever Mary Tocco is speaking again, I advise you to go and I am sure you will see me in the audience again.

Let me say first it was an honor to hear her speak. Her passion was contagious. Her lecture was informative, interesting, well organized and spoken fluently. I would like to share some of the things I learned that day but I could never cover everything that was covered in the three hour long presentation.

Do you know how vaccines are made? I have read many books describing how they are made and what is in them. They take dead animal parts and inject it with the disease. Once the disease grows spoors or fungus, they scrape it off and make the vaccines from that. (Being vegan, you can see how appalling this is to me.) If that is not bad enough, they have started using aborted fetuses to make the vaccines. (What?!) Yes, that is what I learned. It is kind of hard to wrap your head around that information.

Have you noticed many more children with peanut allergies lately? I have. I come across many people who want help with their child’s diet because they have allergies to peanuts. One of the ingredients is some vaccines is peanut oil. When the body eats food, it goes in the mouth and gets chewed up. Then it goes through the digestive process. Our bodies have a perfect method of utilizing the good parts of the foods and eliminating the bad stuff . Like a filter system, the nutrients that we need go into our blood to make it healthy and the parts that are left over get eliminated as waste. Our bodies detoxify
themselves naturally through our digestion. Now if you take a food (peanut oil) and inject it into our muscle, it goes directly into our blood with no filter system in place like our digestion tract. When this injection takes place our body sends antigens to fight the foreign invaders that have just entered our system. The body thinks "this is a foreign substance that I must fight". Now if the peanut oil is in multiple vaccines that a child receives, the body has already decided that it is a foreign substance and must be fought against. So the first time a baby eats peanuts, its body reacts like it is a foreign substance to be fought, an allergy. This completely made sense to me. Our bodies were created perfectly. The power that created us does not make mistakes. We were designed to put things into our mouths, go through the digestion process, and our body know what to do with everything. It is not natural, our bodies were not designed, to have anything injected into our bodies. If we were created in the beginning to do that, we would have a hole in our bodies somewhere for substances to get injected into.

I am sure you remember hearing about the thimerosal (mercury) in the vaccines. A few years ago people wanted it taken out of vaccines. Of course, mercury is a toxin and should not be in our bodies at all. Because of the uproar the vaccine companies did offer thimerosal free vaccines. What they failed to tell you is by eliminating or reducing the amount of thimerosal, they increased the amount of aluminum. (Aluminum, WHAT?!) A known toxin that has lead to Alzheimer's Disease. We were informed to stop cooking in
aluminum pans to avoid it leaching into our food. But it is O.K. to inject it directly into our blood stream. (Augg! Why isn’t everyone yelling about this?!) I know when I had a terrible outbreak of eczema and it was all over my body, I found out I had a toxic level of aluminum in my system. It was a major contributing factor to my eczema.

I have used my own words and understanding to put this information here. You should by no means take my word for this. Do your own research. Read books. Go see Mary Tocco speak. I became aware of the issue of vaccine safety about 15 years ago. I joined M.O.M. (Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines.) It is an organization that stand up for your right to choose if you want vaccines or not. And this is not just a children’s issue, the pharmaceutical companies are finding ways to get vaccines into the
adult population. This organization every person in the state of Michigan should join. People need to be educated on this issue so they can make informed decisions. The information Mary shared with us on Saturday should be on television.

What you put into your body is very, very important. You are the only one who should make that decision. And if taking care of your under age children or pets, you have the right to make those decisions. NO ONE! No doctor, pharmaceutical company, big business or government should force any substance (especially harmful substance) into your body. Please stand up for your rights!

This is my opinion and you can either take it or leave it.

For more information on Vaccines: - Mary Tocco's website. - yes, they really do use aborted fetuses - Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines (MOM)'s website

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