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Links to Val's segments on Supreme Master TV

It has always been a dream of Val’s to have her own cooking show. A show on healthy cooking featuring Val’s delicious recipes. She is currently working on creating such a show. In order to do this she needs sponsors to back her show. The sponsors would either have a commercial that runs in her show, or be listed in the credits. This is a work in progress, so details are being developed right now.

If you are interested in getting involved in the show or know of anyone who would be interested, please contact Val.

Update April 2008: Pilot episode has been filmed! Val will be filming an interview at the Great American Meatout for her new show. Val still needs to find sponsors and advertisers to get her show on cable. If you are interested please contact Val at 734-722-4553.

Show Format:

The show will be called Healthy Cooking with MacroVal. Each show will open with Chef Val doing an introduction of the recipes featured in the show, along with the special health orientated business featured in the show. Chef Val will start show by cooking recipes and informing audience of the health benefits of ingredients. Special cooking techniques will be shown along with cutting vegetables and preparing dishes. Unique stories of how the recipes were inspired and created will be shared by Chef Val.

Another segment of the show, which will be different every week, will feature a Michigan based business in the health field. The business will be explained and someone who owns or works for the business will be interviewed. Such businesses will be: yoga studio, health food stores, herbalists, acupuncturist, chiropractors, reflexology practitioners, massage therapists and others.

The show will close with Chef Val finishing her dishes and displaying them.

The Mission:
To educate the public on the benefits of eating healthy. To teach how to create healthy dishes that taste great and are easy to prepare. To promote organic, healthy foods and services. To promote and give exposure to health orientated Michigan businesses.

Valerie Wilson started Macro Val healthy cooking in 1997. It is a home based business that teaches cooking classes. The classes are described as whole foods cooking. The special techniques of these classes consist of; Macrobiotic, organic, sugar free, dairy free, wheat free, high fiber and vegetarian. The classes are taught from a hands-on environment so the students get a feel for the different tastes and textures of the foods. The students are taught the nutritional value of the foods and why they are so beneficial for their health. Included in the education is how different foods are beneficial for the prevention of certain degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and emphysema. Helpful and unique cooking techniques are also taught to the students for future use in their own kitchens.

For at home education Ms. Wilson wrote and self published a cookbook, Perceptions In Healthy Cooking, in 2001. It contains over 110 original recipes, an extensive introduction and an informative glossary. Her cookbook is sold at local health food stores and through her web site. Also available for home study is her cooking classes on video. She currently offers 15 different videos sold with recipe packets.

Ms. Wilson started her professional life in the field of food prep and management. She worked five years as a manager of a deli and party store in Brighton MI, O’Conner’s Deli. From there she continued working with food as an assistant manager for a French restaurant and bakery in Novi MI, Vie de France, for one year. She moved on to become an entrepreneur by having a partnership in a house cleaning business in Northville MI, Happy Home Housecare, for two years. After which she used her cleaning skills to work as a manager for a large apartment complex in which she ran the cleaning operations for the whole complex. The complex is Canton at the Crossing located in Canton MI.

She then returned to her first love and passion of cooking by working as an assistant at a cooking school in Farmington Hills MI, Lenore’s Natural Cuisine for two years. It was here that she learned many of the unique cooking skills to prepare and work with the healthy ingredients. She worked as a personal chef for a year and then went on to teach. She started teaching her classes in 1997. She has been video taping her classes all along to create experience in front of a camera. She wrote and self published a cookbook in 2001, Perceptions in Healthy Cooking. The cookbook contains over 110 original recipes along with an informative introduction, well organized glossary and her own original, spiritual poetry. The cookbook has sold over 850 copies at local health food stores and health fairs. Ms. Wilson has over 1000 other original recipes that she is anxious to turn into another book and is always coming up with new recipes. Her writing experience includes writing articles for magazines such as Macrobiotics Today and Christina Cooks (two magazines specializing in her field of work). She was a monthly writer for over two years for The Healing Garden Journal, a holistic Michigan magazine. She is also a regular writer for the Michigan based, health orientated magazine, Health and Happiness.

Ms. Wilson has experience doing promotional events, public appearances and lectures. Some places she has held events at are; Zerbo’s in Livonia, Good Food Company in Canton, Whole Foods in Rochester, Better Health in Novi, Ward Church in Livonia and Healthy Jones in Novi. She prides herself on being well informed and organized at these events. She is always educating herself through reading the latest books and magazines in her field as well as attending any lectures and workshops in her area. She has also expanded her area of contact by traveling. She has promoted her business through health fairs in Marquette and Escanaba, MI. And her cookbook is for sale at the Marquette Food CO. OP.

In 2002 Ms. Wilson started doing individual counseling sessions. She has counseled people who have aliments ranging from loosing weight, adrenal burn out, digestive problems and cancer. Her counseling focuses on diet and also includes lifestyle changes, exercise and meditation. She has had great success with people who have followed her recommendations.

Links to Val's segments on Supreme Master TV

January 2010: Val is once again featured in Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living on Supreme Master Television. This time the segment was taped just for the show, giving Val more experience in front of a TV camera.

July 2009: Val's show, Healthy Cooking with MacroVal, will air globally Friday, July 24, 2009, on Supreme Master Television in a program segment called Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living.

Val's Supreme Master cooking segments are now on YouTube:

*Val is open to all spiritual teachings. While she herself is not a follower of Supreme Master, she has friends that are. The above links should not be considered an endorsement.

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