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Val's Thoughts on: PBS Health Specials

I just love every year when P.B.S. has their pledge time. They have special lectures by interesting people and specialist, usually authors. They are raising money for their station. The specials are very informative. This year the topic seemed to be getting healthy. I am always interested to hear what other specialist are talking and writing about in the field of health. This year was especially exciting to watch because what I have been teaching for almost 15 years now is becoming more main stream.

One of the specials was a brain specialist. He has been a doctor for a long time and has written some book on how foods effect the brain. He does brain scans and showed some on the special. It was very satisfying to hear him talk about how refined, processed foods are no good for the brain. And he was promoting healthy eating habits to keep your brain healthy. He tells this amusing story about going to church and seeing the donuts, hot dogs and sausages that they offer to the congregation. He says something to the effect, go to church and get sent to heaven quicker by the food they are serving.

Another doctor talks about micro nutrients in our food. He told all about how
important it is to get a wide variety of vegetables in your diet. Mushrooms and onions were a particular favorite of his. He also talked about how detrimental the refined processed foods are to our health. According to him this is ground breaking research. (of course, many of us have known this for a long time, but I am glad it is ground breaking to some.)

There was another doctor who did some cooking of healthy dishes. And the lady who talks about colon health. Both of which had really good information and talked about the importance of the food we eat. I love that this topic is becoming more main stream. I have heard stories of a few years back when ‘the powers that be’ did not want people to talk about how foods effect our health. This gives me encouragement that the conscience is changing. There are people observing the truth, that food effect our health. I get excited when quinoa is no longer so strange to people because they heard the doctor on T.V. talking about it. I hope this trend keep expanding and creates more awareness of the effects of food.

(I did not include these specialist names on purpose. This is just my observance of their presentations on P.B.S. and I did not want to mis-represent their messages.)

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