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Val's Thoughts on: Dr. Oz TV Show

Like most people, I was very upset in May when Oprah ended her show. Anyone who knows me knows I would watch her show everyday. In fact, I would not answer the phone between 4 and 5 o’clock during the week when she was on. I thought my days would be empty without hearing her wise wisdom everyday. And although I do miss her everyday, she found a great replacement: Dr. Oz. His show is much different than hers was, but I find myself looking forward to seeing what I can learn from his show everyday. He teaches about how the body works in interesting diagrams and large models. He explains what is happening inside your body in terms that everyone can

My favorite thing about his show is that he is a huge sounding board for a more holistic way of dealing with your health. He talks about herbs, supplements, energy healing and, most important, food. I may not agree with everything he says, but I am very excited that this topic is being discussed on nation television. And his show is watched by hundreds of thousands of people. By him talking about these subjects, they are becoming more main stream topics of conversations. Everything is a flow of energy and his influence of so many people is a huge energy field. That energy field goes out and makes a big difference in how we perceive our health. I stand up and applaud anyone who can make such a difference in the energy that is being sent out in such a powerful way as the television. What if all those obnoxious television commercials for prescription drugs were instead commercials for eating healthy? What a different world we would live in.

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