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Macro Val Thanksgiving Dinner

Every November, Val offers a Healthy Thanksgiving Diner. You can enjoy healthy versions of traditional dishes prepared by Chef Val. The food is organic, vegan, and gluten free options will be available.

This is NOT a class. It is a chance for you to sit down with like minded people and enjoy an evening of good food and good conversation.

This year the Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on
Saturday, November 20, 2020 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.
The fee is $40 per person.


Tofu Turkey stuffed with Whole Grain Sprouted Bread Stuffing
Gluten free Millet Sweet Potato Stuffing
Millet Mashed Potatoes
Onion Gravy
Colorful Sweet and Sour Kale
Cranberry Sauce
Fig Blackberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie

**I am adding the option to order the meal and pick it up the next day. Sign up and let me know if this is your choice for the meal this year.**

Thanksgiving Dinner
$40 per person

If more than one person attending, change the "Quantity" in the PayPal shopping cart.

*"Val's Tofu Turkey is wonderful. I have heard horror stories from vegetarians about tofu turkey but Val's students have told me hers is different, it actually tastes good! I am not a vegan or macrobiotic yet I enjoy eating this healthy alternative to traditional turkey." -- Val's sister, Laura

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