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One-On-One Counseling Sessions
With Macro Val


Fee for counseling sessions:

$60.00 per hour

Dietary packet $60.00

Cookbook $20.00.

(Sessions usually last about an hour, however sometimes they do run longer.)


A personal note:
I have been living a macrobiotic, whole foods lifestyle since 1993 and have never felt better. I have helped friends and family over the years and would now like to share my knowledge with you. The body has the ability to heal itself, given the proper nutrition. I can steer you towards health and well being. My goal is to improve the quality of your life.” --Val

MacroVal offers personal, one-on-one counseling. You have seen her flyers, read her cookbook and articles, and eaten her delicious, healthy food. Now you can have a personal counseling session with her.

In your unique counseling sessions you will learn the tools to figure out exactly what is going on in your body. From there Val will create a personal dietary lifestyle plan for you to follow. The first session, which usually lasts about an hour, is where you sit down with Val, in person or over the phone, and discuss any health issues you are dealing with. It is a get-to-know-you time where your diet is discussed along with your goals to create a healthier lifestyle.

From the knowledge that Val learns from the session, she creates a thorough dietary recommendation for you. You get a packet that includes suggested foods that would be beneficial to you, along with recipes. Val also offers advice on relaxation techniques and other modalities that would be beneficial to you. This session usually lasts about an hour. Depending on your condition and how much help you need will determine if you need additional sessions.

Before the session, please be ready to answer these questions:

  • Your height and weight
  • What are your lifestyle goals?(What do you wish to accomplish through changes in your diet?)
  • What are your health issues (if any)?
  • History of health issues
  • Do you sleep well? What are your sleep patterns?
  • How is your concentration?
  • Are you taking any perscription medications?
  • What is your diet like now? (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks)

Email to set up an appointment. Please include your phone number.

Session can be done in person or over the phone or with Zoom.

Phone or Zoom Sessions:
Once you have paid, a date and time will be set up for an uninterrupted hour or more for the session. Please be sure that you will not be interrupted during the session and turn off or ignore call waiting.

Payment can be made in person, online with PayPal, or by sending Val a check or money order.

Check or Money Order:

Send to:

Valerie Wilson
6106 North Berry Street
Westland, MI 48185

Pay Online

"By the time I first met with Valerie, I had been seriously ill for a number of years which left my body seriously depleted and completely drained. I was familiar with the Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophies regarding health and diet. However, my body was so imbalanced by this time and the symptoms numerous, along with a weakened immune system that despite my efforts to heal and restore my body, I felt lost – especially when it came to diet. My body had became so sensitive to various foods. This all began to change within 24 hours of following Valerie's dietary suggestions. I began to feel stronger, as though my body was more able to fight the virus I had at the time. Within 2-3 days my stools were normal and I was experiencing increased energy. It has been a mere 8 weeks now and all I can say is that I feel meeting with Val was the best thing I ever did. I know it will take time for me to recover more fully and deeply, but I know without doubt that I am on the right path.

Valerie listens deeply and I sense she truly knows what she is doing. During my time with her, everything she said resonated with me and she clarified a lot of confusion for me around how to best nourish myself. Not only did she address diet, she also addressed other issues which contribute to or take away from health, such as rest, exercise, stress and activities that nourish the soul. What I like about Val is that she explains clearly what you need and why, as well as how to help yourself so you end your session with increased knowledge and a roadmap. I am looking forward to my continued journey towards health with Valerie as my guide." ---Evelyn Odoerfer

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