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Chef Val Classes
on DVD

Includes DVD and recipes.
All recipes are vegan.
All recipes are gluten free..


Chef Val's Cake and Ice Cream Cooking Class

Chef Val teaches how to make Aquafaba (bean water) ice cream. Plus Chef Val teaches about brown rice syrup and how it is the healthiest sweetener. Brown rice syrup will never spike your blood sugar because it acts like a complex carbohydrate in your body. Chef Val teaches in this DVD about all the other sugar alternative, some are o.k., some are not good for your health. Cake and ice cream are sweetened with brown rice syrup.

Menu: Aquafaba Vanilla Ice Cream, and Lemon Cake with Blueberry Sauce.




Chef Val's Foods to Combat and Heal from Cancer Cooking Class

Chef Val teaches about how certain foods have strong healing properties to combat diseases in your body such as cancer. Learn about traditional foods that are staples in a macrobiotic kitchen, miso, kombu, wakame, aduki beans, ume plum past, kudzu and more.

This unedited cooking class on DVD will teach you how to make: Miso Sweet Potato Soup, Aduki Beans and Squash and Strengthening Tea (Ume-Sho-Kukicha Tea).



Chef Val's Mexican Enchiladas Cooking Class

Inspired by traditional Mexican Enchiladas, Chef Val teaches how to make her healthier, high fiber, low fat version. This is one of her most popular cooking classes. You will learn how to make her Red Sauce, that tastes just like tomato sauce, but has no tomatoes in it.

This unedited cooking class on DVD will teach you how to make: Red Sauce, Chili Sauce, Tempeh and Vegetable Filling all to put together to make the Tempeh Enchiladas. Plus learn how to make Flan Dessert, a traditional Mexican custard.



Chef Val's Mochi Cooking Class

Mochi is a traditional food made from brown rice. Chef Val uses it in her recipes to create mock cheese sauces. In this DVD Chef Val teaches how to make Mochi from scratch.

Plus teaches how to make, Macaroni Mochi and Vegetable Casserole (a vegan macaroni and mock cheese casserole), and Mochi Nachos. The DVD is an unedited cooking class taught by Chef Val.



Chef Val's Pizza Cooking Class

Using all vegan ingredients Chef Val teaches how to make two different kinds of pizza. Plus this class features her Red Sauce, that tastes just like tomato sauce, but has no tomatoes in it.

Learn how to make these reicpes in this DVD of Chef Val's unedited cooking class: Red Sauce, Gluten free Quinoa Pizza Crust, Mushroom Bacon, Flat Bread Pizza and Sauteed Tempeh Topping.



Chef Val's Protein Foods Cooking Class

Chef Val teaches where vegan and vegetarians can get all the protein they need through whole foods. Plus Chef Val shares the health benefits of tempeh and tofu. Two whole foods that are made from soy beans. Soy beans are a tremendously healthy food and Chef Val in this DVD teaches the real truth about soy beans.

This unedited DVD includes these recipes: Tempeh Sticks Snack, Tofu Scramble and Mexican Bean Stew.


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