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Macro Val Presents

Spring Fling 2009
Pot Luck Mini Health Fair

I would like to express my personal thanks to all the people who came out and attended
my Spring Fling this year. Everyone had a marvelous time. The lectures were informative
and inspiring. The food was great. And we had many gifts awarded as our door prizes.

Special thanks goes to:
Bella Herbert, for her presentation on Qigong.

Linda Amick, for her lecture on tonic herbs. Also thanks for our free samples of herbs
she passed out and gift certificates for her store, Healthy Jones.

Dr. Cynthia Shaft, for her informative lecture on vaccination safety. Also for her gift
certificates for a free adjustment.

Alicia Galka, for her beautiful jewelry and her amazing spirit guide drawings and aura

Laura Wilson, for her beautiful jewelry, natural soap and gifted tarot card readings.

Karen Spranger, for her wealth of knowledge on nutrition and her amazing reflexology

Susan Jakary, for her soft touch in the art of acupuncture and her healing technique.

~~~ Val

Healthy Foods, Lectures, Reflexology,
Acupuncture, Readings,
Unique Products


Are you tired of going to fairs and paying high prices for food? Val's solution is to make the fair a pot luck! You can stay all day to enjoy the free lectures and take advantage of the services offered without worrying about getting hungry.

Val will be bringing decadent yet healthy (yes healthy!) desserts and encourages you to bring your favorite vegetarian main-dish or side-dish to share. You will be rewarded not only with great food all day but half off the admission price. Please follow the guidelines below when creating your dish.

Not a cook? You can still come and enjoy all the fair has to offer. Who may decide to start cooking.....

Food from the 2006 Spring Fling

Val is dedicated to showing people how delicious eating healthy can be. For that reason she asks that all dishes brought to the Spring Fling follow the Pot Luck Dish Guidelines:

  • dairy-free
  • wheat-free
  • sugar-free
  • vegetarian (no meat)
  • as organic as possible
  • Also, a bowl of fruit, bag of chips, or a plate of vegetables is not a dish! Unless accompanied by a homemade dip.
  • enough food for 10 servings

Please call Val if any questions about what to bring, 734-722-4553.

Desserts from 2006 Spring Fling

Lectures :

1:00-1:45 - Bella Hebert, certified Qigong Level 1 teacher
                    “Introduction to Qigong Movements”
2:15-3:00 - Linda Amick, N.H.E., Planetary Herbalist, owner Healthy Jones
                     “Tonic Herbs and Their Application”
3:30- 4:15 - Macro Val
                  “Making Healthy Food Choices”
4:45-5:30- Dr. Cynthia Shaft
              “Vaccination Safety - Make an Informed Decision”


Naked Soaps

Infinite Flame Magickal Gel Candles

Val's friends will have some of their handcrafted products available for purchase at the fair.

Flying Cat Productions offers beautiful jewelry and amazing artwork. Alicia Amadé Galka is a talented artist, be sure to check out her spiritual drawings.


Naked Soaps are created by Val's sister, Laura, especially for those with sensitive skin. Using glycerin bases and adding only essential oils and natural ingredients, she creates wonderfully indulgent soaps and sugar-salt scrubs.


Infinite Flame is the only producer of Magickal Gel Candles. Burn these candles to create such things as Wealth & Prosperity or World Peace. They have expanded to include pendulums, empowered stone jewelry, and more.


Karen performing reflexology

Karen (left) giving a reflexology session

Laura doing a tarot reading

Laura (left) reading tarot cards



Many talented friends will be offering their services for a small fee at the fair too.

Karen Spranger does reflexology. She is able to tune in to any source of pain you may have, and help you to relieve it. She is truly knowledgeable when it comes to natural healing.


Alicia Amadé Galka sees auras and spirit guides, then using her artistic talents draws them for you. The result is an amazing image. She can tell you why your aura is the color it is, and help you to communicate with your spirit guide.


Laura, aka Tarot Temptress, has been doing tarot readings for friends and family for many years. She now shares this gift with you to help you see influences in your life that you may not be aware of. Tarot is a tool for self awareness and growth.


Susan Jakary, M.S., LAc., is nationally certified in Acupuncture and will be at the Spring Fling for the first time this year. Learn all about the benefits of this ancient technique.



Hometown Novi Clubhouse is located on 13 Mile Road in Novi. It is just east of Novi Road.

If you are familiar with Twelve Oaks Mall, that is on Novi Road and 12 Mile Road. Just take Novi Road north from Twelve Oaks, 13 Mile is the second light after 12 Mile. Turn right onto 13 Mile and look for the Hometown Novi sign on your left, Val has a sign and balloons at the entrance. As soon as you turn left into Hometown Novi, the clubhouse is the building with the parking lot in front of it and steps leading up.

If you are coming to Novi using expressways, you can take M5 North to 13 Mile road. At the spot where the expressways 275, 696, and 96 all meet you can get onto M5 North. The first light where the M5 expressway ends is 13 Mile. You want to go west (left if going north) but you have to make a "Michigan Left" by going past 13 Mile then turning left onto South M5, then making a right turn onto 13 Mile. Just past the first light at Meadowbrook you will see Hometown Novi on your right side. Do not enter the first divided entrance, go to the second single entrance to turn in, Val will have a sign and balloons there, the clubhouse is the building with the parking lot in front of it and steps leading up.


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