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Macro Val's 7th Annual
Pot Luck Picnic in the Park

Saturday, August 21, 2010
It rained : (

"Everyone who contacted Val about coming was friends, family or former students so she just moved it to her house.
We had a great time. About half of us played Pictionary and after the rain stopped, some of the guys played horseshoes. The food was fabulous, just about everything was Val's recipe! "
- Laura, Val's sister

Val will be bringing decadent yet healthy (yes healthy!) desserts and encourages you to bring your favorite vegetarian main-dish or side-dish to share.

Bringing a dish to share-- $6.00
Please follow the guidelines below when creating your dish.

Not bringing a dish -- $13.00

Val will supply plates, napkins, plasticware, and a grill among other things. She will also have iced tea or you can bring your own beverage. The fee helps cover the cost of these things.

If planning to attend, please e-mail or call Val at 734-722-4553.*


Food table from a previous picnic

Desserts at a previous picnic

Val is dedicated to showing people how delicious eating healthy can be. For that reason she asks that all dishes brought to the Spring Fling follow the
Pot Luck Dish Guidelines:
  • dairy-free
  • wheat-free
  • sugar-free
  • vegetarian (no meat)
  • as organic as possible
  • enough food for 10 servings
  • a fruit salad is a dish, a bowl of fresh fruit is not a dish!
  • a bag of chips or a plate of cut veggies is not a dish unless accompanied with a homemade dip
  • a crate of vegetables is not a dish!
Please call Val if any questions about what to bring, 734-722-4553.

Every year there is a water balloon toss and Val brings a bunch of squirt guns....just for fun!

A volleyball net is set up and a bunch of silliness follows : )

Official Rules of Macro Val's Volleyball:

1. The ball can bounce once before hitting it over.
2. You can hit the ball twice on one side by the same person.
3. Sisters are not allowed on the same team.
4. You may use any part of the body (including feet) to get the ball over the net.
5. Holding and then throwing the ball over the net is permitted.
6. After every game, the winning team gets to eat more delicious food. (the losing team can too, of course! )


*The picnic involves a lot of work for Val; cooking and setting up tents, tables, ect. While she is happy to do it, she also needs to know that the efforts will be rewarded with guests. Last year (2008) she had no advance notice that anyone was planning on attending so she had no choice but to cancel.

This year she is asking anyone planning to attend to contact her before the date of the picnic, not just those needing directions. Please send an e-mail or call her and leave a message if she is not in, 734-722-4553.

Thank you!


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