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Food and Recipe of the Month

July - Cooking with Kids

In 2016 and 2017 I taught cooking classes for the after school program Bright Futures, for the Wayne-Westland School district in Michigan. The recipes in this cookbook were all the recipes I taught the kids. I taught third grade through high school students. The recipes are intended to be used with some adult supervision, age appropriate to how much assistance they will need. My intention for this cookbook is to get kids excited about learning how to cook healthy dishes.


The first thing I did while teaching the kids is ask what they would like to learn how to cook. I was surprised they suggested recipes such as Sushi and Pasta Primavera. I was not surprised by the suggestions of Pizza and Tacos. I was forthright while educating the kids, that all the recipes are vegan. The younger kids had so many questions about what is and what is not vegan. And when I taught the older kids there were some that were vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. Another surprise I had was the kid's taste for spicy food. I prefer mild spice, however, the majority of the kids would have liked the food to be spicier.

The best thing about teaching the kids was the pure joy and excitement they have for working with the food, even the foods that were unfamiliar. Adults can learn from the kids. The kids were so open and willing to try anything. Some adults I have taught are actually afraid to taste unfamiliar foods. The kids loved Nori, Sushi Pickles, Tofu Fries, the Vegan Meat Substitutes in the Pizza and Tacos, and the Vegan Ice Cream in the Smoothies.

Recipe of the month:

Animals Made Out of Fruit Snack

A variety of fruit, vegetables and snacks to make animals:

Celery, apples, kiwi, grapes, radishes, strawberries, blueberries, pears, starfruit, raisins, radishes, cucumbers

Peanut Butter

Suzanne's Ricemellow Crème

Cut the fruit in thin slices to be used as decorations to create the animals. Use celery stalks to create the body of the caterpillars or bugs. Use the peanut butter and Ricemellow Crème as 'glue' to hold the fruit animals together. Use your imagination to create many different animals with the different food items.

*The kids were very creative with this recipe. They created all kinds of animals and things with the ingredients. Great project recipe for a group of kids.


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