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Macro Val's Healthy Cooking Classes in Your Home

Now you can have a cooking class at your home with MacroVal. Val can come to your house and teach you and your friends about healthy eating. Classes are fun, informative, hands-on, and delicious.

The fee for a class in your home is $60 per student plus Val charges $5 gas money for every 15 minutes of drive time to your house.

Requirements for a class in your home:

  • At least 6 people signed up and prepaid to Val 2 days before scheduled date
  • A large, clean kitchen
  • A four burner stove and oven
  • A clean, working sink
  • A large table that will seat all students
  • Space in your fridge to store some ingredients
  • Plates, cups, and silverware to serve the meal prepared during the class
  • Enough parking space for all students
  • If you have dogs, please have a way to keep them out of the kitchen during the class
  • No TV or music playing during the class
  • Please be sure other family members are otherwise occupied during the entire class (interruptions are unfair to paying students)

    Classes can be scheduled for any night except Monday or Wednesday and will be from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

Val will supply recipes and ingredients. Val also brings her own cooking equipment (pots, pans, bowls, cutting boards, and sharp vegetable knives). She will arrive at your house 2 and 1/2 hours before the class, at 3:30PM, as there is a lot of prep that needs to be done. Val also will bring some products for purchase: cookbook, tamari, brown rice vinegar, brown rice syrup, ect. After the class if there is any food left it will be made available for purchase. Val will take home any unpurchased food.

Val also will bring kukicha twig tea to serve at the class and she asks that there be no sugary beverages brought to the class.

Please inform your students before the class:

  • Do not wear strong perfumes or smelly hair sprays
  • Long hair must be tied back as you will be handing the ingredients
  • Everyone MUST wash hands before the class
  • All cell phones must be turned off or put on vibrate during the class. Please do not answer calls or text during class, this is distracting to other students.

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