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Macro Val Classes
on DVD

Don't let time or distance stop you from learning how to cook healthy delicious meals for your family. Val's classes are available on DVD so you can learn in your own home on your schedule. You see the recipes being prepared on the video plus you get a recipe packet with easy step-by-step instructions.


Specialty Classes:

NEW Cooking with Tofu & Tempeh,
Casseroles & Soups,
Cook For Your Health/Vitality Foods,
NEW Pizza & Mexican classes featuring Val' Red Sauce!

Beginning Series Cooking Classes:

Get Started Eating Healthy Series, includes Val's informative lecture and information packet.

Holiday Cooking Classes:

Thanksgiving Dinner & Christmas Dinner

Seasonal Cooking Classes:

Fall Cooking Class, Spring Cooking Class, Summer Cooking Class, Winter Cooking Class. Special pricing when you purchase all 4 seasons.


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